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writing story

ideas. words.


beginning middle end
minor in writing

academic writing


professional writing


My work as a Minor in Writing at the University of Michigan


>   Why I Write

​>   Re-Purposing Project

​>   Re-Mediation Project

​>   How I Write


The beginning of my interest in writing is showcased through my academic papers. I included different style papers from several disciplines that represent my diverse interests and writing abilities.



The middle of my writing story, my work as a Minor in Writing has facilitated my growth as a writer and taught me to take risks in my writing, as well as the importance of planning and reflection.

My writing story never really ends. It is a work in progress and this "ending" will not be until the end of my undergraduate career when I apply my writing skills in my work.


As you can probably see, I’ve been doing a lot of writing this semester. But beyond actual writing, we’ve been writing about writing, thinking about writing, brainstorming about writing, editing my writing, reading others’ writing, repurposing and remediating writing…you name it, if it has to do with writing, we’ve done it. When I think about the work I've done this semester, it seems overwhelming, but I think I have grown significantly as a writer over the past few months.


I hope this E-Portfolio provides a snapshot of my writing story as a college sophomore. I expect this story to constantly change, and I plan to consistently revise and add to my E-Portfolio, a consistent and relentless process I have learned to value. 



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